Boy Meets World

February 5, 2010


Boy Meets World, what a great show. It deserves a second look for so many reasons. The first reason that the show was so wonderful was Eric. Eric was Cory’s big brother, a hapless and goofy guy that wasn’t ever accused of being bright but had a heart of gold. He struggled scholastically but ultimately made the right decisions in life most of the time. He was there to set the example that doing what you thought was right, even if it wasn’t what you wanted to do is ultimately the right thing. He wanted to adopt a kid but knew he couldn’t provide and he wanted to go to a party school but instead chose Penbrook. What a great example!

Mr. Feeny. I don’t know that there is any reason to elaborate. Mr. Feeny was an inspirational teacher that legitimately cared about the well being of his students. He was invested in their lives.

While the Cory and Topanga love that nearly everyone wants in life was a large part of the show for its entire duration I find another relationship in the show more meaningful and realistic.

Cory and Shawn were best friends. Their relationship, however, was not without its tumultuous moments. The show addressed the differences in their families and socioeconomic statuses. It provided an example that regardless of differences, friendship can endure. In addition, Cory’s family became like a surrogate family to Shawn. Yes, he had his own parents but Cory’s parents offered guidance, unconditional love and stability that Shawn would have otherwise been without. I can’t help but want to sing the song “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” and look at pictures of myself and close friends when thinking about those two.

Eric, Feeny, Cory and Topanga, Cory and Shawn, the Matthews Family…they all brought something to the table and for that, Boy Meets World deserves a second look.


One Response to “Boy Meets World”

  1. Danielle Says:

    Hey, thanks for the comment on my blog 😀
    I LOVE Boy Meets World and I’m sad they no longer play it! Eric was my favorite character by far

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