DREAM TEAM (the real one) and SPACE JAM

November 3, 2009

dreamteam spacejam

Alright, I know that Space Jam came out a few years after the 1992 Olympics but for the purpose of this blog I’m going to group them together.

The 1992 Dream Team was amazing. Ten of twelve of the players were inducted in the National Basketball Hall of Fame. They won gold in the 1992 summer Olympics in sensational fashion. They dominated everyone that they played. Larry Byrd, Charles Barkley, Michael Jordan aaaahhhh, those were some good basketball days.

It may seem like an obvious thing but one great thing about the Dream Team was that they played basketball. Sure, people watch the Olympics in the summer every four years and get all excited watching the amazing sprinters and marathoners. Not to mention, the gymnasts. While entertaining to watch, these sports are a bit too technical and ivory tower for after school elementary leisure.

The reason that the real Dream Team (meaning without Kobe because he’s a douche) deserves a second look is because they were relatable. Nearly every child in the United States could identify who Michael Jordan was. Also important, nearly every child had access to basketball. Unlike gymnastics or competitive track, kids could really play the game of basketball with their friends. It opened up opportunities for kids to be included. It takes a lot of coordination and money to get into gymnastics. Also, let’s be honest, some kids enjoy racing but every day after school? I’m going to bet most didn’t get out their starter gun and track spikes and take off in a sprint. No, basketball involved a ball and a concrete slab available in almost any environment. Major metropolises, rural towns and everyone in between, most places had a basketball court where kids imagining the Dream Team could play.

Space Jam came out a few years later (1996) but it fed into the basketball frenzy for kids. Space Jam jerseys were everywhere and playing basketball singing “Welcome to the Space Jam” became a commonplace activity for youth. Kudos to the entertainment industry for capitalizing on the craze and creating an environment for kids to get up and actively play. Had Space Jam been about pole vaulters, gymnasts, sprinters or shot put throwers I doubt that quite as many kids would have been able to play out the movie with their friends for fun. Basketball was a feasible activity for kids, thanks Space Jam.  Also (a bit of a side note) kudos to Space Jam for having a girl basketball player on the team. It made the movie that much more relatable for the children of the 90s by including the girls.

PS The soundtrack is killer….”I Believe I Can Fly”…anyone?


One Response to “DREAM TEAM (the real one) and SPACE JAM”

  1. guilfordcyndi Says:

    I’m loving your blog! So fun :-). Have you seen these? http://www.toplessrobot.com/2009/07/the_17_least_appropriate_playmobil_sets_for_childr.php?page=1

    I think it’s just hilarious. My brother and I were reminiscing about the political incorrectness of these little action figures.

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