Stick Stickly

October 27, 2009


Write to me, Stick Stickly, PO Box 963, New York City, New York State, 10108….!!!!!!

Stick Stickly! He was the mascot of many a Nickelodeon summer of my youth. He was always excited and upbeat. Encouraging and determined. Not to mention, he wanted me to be his friend…I mean he DID give me his address.

Stick Stickly (as much of early Nickelodeon does) deserves a second look for a number of very important reasons. First, Stick Stickly was “green” WWWAAAAYYYY before it was trendy. Sure, we knew about recycling way back when. Unfortunately, in the States, not too many people had really picked up on it during Stick Stickly’s hey day. Yet there He was. Stick Stickly could have been thrown in the trash after whatever treat he had been  melted away but he wasn’t. He was instead recycled and reused. Not so much reduced….he gained a face.

A recycled popsicle stick that was the perfect emcee for a children’s television network. I’m sure he knew that he had a network to promote but he was concerned about childhood obesity long before the current epidemic. He promoted going out and playing but didn’t judge during those times when you just wanted to sit and watch some shows. Also, he promoted shows that incorporated activeness and education even in the summer. Legends of the Hidden Temple anyone? Yes, Stick Stickly was concerned with the health of the bodies and minds of children.

Possibly the best thing about Stick Stickly comes from the fact that he was a popsicle stick. Programming today is full of 3D, warp speed, animated, CGI, ADD advancing hullabaloo.  Stick Stickly probably wouldn’t cut it anymore because he had no part in that. Stick Stickly was simple and he fostered creativity and innovation. Unless your child is that little girl on the Windows 7 commercials he or she would probably have a hard time making the host of any of their programming at home. Not so when Stick Stickly reigned supreme, kids could make him at home and in the process allow their imagination wheels to roll unchecked and free.

Stick Stickly was down to earth and genuinely cared about the programming he was made to promote and about the audience that watched it. He deserves a second look.


6 Responses to “Stick Stickly”

  1. p0lgara Says:

    I remember him! I can’t agree more about how great the most simple things are. I think we’ve evolved into quite the society: Instant gratification, hooked on special effects and violence, full of pre-packaged food. Things used to be so much better when we had to use our imaginations and entertain ourselves and family. Plus, I love good, home-cooked meals. It’s sad to realize that Stick Stickly is part of the “remember when…”

  2. Shassie Says:

    I completely forgot this existed! Do you remember the Nickelodeon commercial where there was a face painted onto a guy’s stomach and he would move his bellybutton to tell you what was up next?

    There was also that one with the clenched fists and faces. I am diggin’ the amount of nostalgia in your blog.

  3. Haha I DO remember. I remember more of the clenched fists…ahh Nickelodeon. I’m working hard to not make this whole blog about 90s Nickelodeon. It’s really hard because it was so awesome!

  4. julie Says:

    I loved Stick Stickly! What about the first season of All That? And Snick? Fond memories.

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