Dial-Up Internet

September 23, 2009

Dial-Up Internet


I know, high speed internet makes everything better. At least it seems to. Before you’re so quick to write off the dial-up modems of yesteryear think about a few things:
1. The sound of a dial-up modem is beautiful. When “dial-up modem” is youtubed (yes I verbed that) the sound is kitschy and fun. It makes me smile, I bet it makes you smile as well A long time ago before high speed internet we didn’t know about anything better than dial-up. The internet was new and it was slow. There was nothing better and many, including me, were perfectly content waiting five minutes for each page to load.
2. Also at this time, because the internet was so new everything about it was an adventure. It was fun to get online just to get on, back before facebook, myspace, blogs and youtube. Hmm….I wonder what I did online back then. Regardless and irrelevant, when dial-up was still big the internet seemed like an infallible and fun universe. Today there are great things but the (let’s be honest) perceived innocence of the entire thing was joyous and unfortunately gone.
3. TONS OF SEARCH ENGINES! Google is great, Bing is fine. The thing is we all use the same thing, no variation for anyone. When dial-up internet ruled there were what seemed like a billion search engines. Does anyone remember Lycos, Webcrawler, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves? Maybe these are all still there, I know Yahoo is but to be honest, why?
That’s it, no better reasons to rethink dial-up. I’m honestly not even sure if it needs a hyphen.
I gave it a second look and made a case for it but I’m going to still with high speed.

3 Responses to “Dial-Up Internet”

  1. ostrix Says:

    yes, well it brings me the nostalgia of 1997, hearing the sound of the neighing cat )))) but I still prefer comfort of the fast connection. Can’t fight it ))))) This is just all about moving on , increasing, improving, innovating, speeding up, downsizing (mobile devices, for example).

  2. Anna Says:

    Now I thought I was weird; I used to love the sound of my dial-up modem (and yes, I think it deserves the hyphen)!

    And as we don’t have to wait for anything any more, do you realise how many fewer cups of tea I get to enjoy? In fact, you could add an extra item just for that…

    4. Waiting for pages to load meant a nice sit down and a cuppa!


  3. Spaceotter Says:

    This will date me, but I remember when internet was something that only schools and government offices had. I remember going to college and getting to use it, AND IT WAS ALL TEXT. I Never enjoyed the wait, high speed is the only way to go. But thanks for the memories 🙂

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