Caramel Apple Pops

September 18, 2009

Caramel Apple Pops


Caramel Apple Pops…ahh.

If you’re reading this it is definitely possible that the phrase “caramel apple pop” makes you smile and become instantly immersed in memories of middle or high school. Maybe sucking on the chewy caramel and tangy apple candy in between or in class or maybe at a ballgame or a dance. *smile, tear, play Glory Days*

For those of you (and me) that don’t remember such in-crowd perfectionesque moments from your early adolescence you’re not alone. You may, as I do, remember getting the glorious suckers as a reward for being a huge nerd in English class from your understanding teacher and getting them stuck in your braces. Either way, caramel apple pops can conjure up nostalgic feelings. It ‘s possible that you are too young or too old to share in the nostalgia that is packaged with the suckers in my mind. For that, I apologize and will try to find a better topic next time.

No matter your experiences, caramel apple pops deserve a second look. They are the perfect balance of real caramel and a sour/sweet apple hard candy. They have the ability to remind children of a fun carnival treat and to remind adults of a fun cocktail. They can insight nostalgia or help create new memories….maybe that’s a stretch. Most importantly, they taste good. If you have the opportunity purchase one do, give caramel apple pops a second look


2 Responses to “Caramel Apple Pops”

  1. Ahip Says:

    They are so good…. so good.

  2. spartana07 Says:

    I remember those quite fondly, but now my first thought is, “what on earth is in them?”

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